Lyric video from the Grimner single “En Fallen Jätte”!


The Vikings of the Swedish metal band Grimner finishes the year of 2017 releasing the new single “En Fallen Jätte”, from the upcoming album “Vanadrottning” that will be released in February this year. To follow up the album release Grimner already has more than 25 live shows booked in Europe 2018 with more tour dates to be confirmed.

“En Fallen Jätte” is a hard-hitting track with some new elements to it, though certainly a full-fledged Grimner song. It tells of the battle between Thor and the stone-hearted giant Hrungner, who in the end was crushed by the power of the thunder god’s hammer Mjölner, and reduced to a pile of rubble. Enjoy, friends, and may the might of Thor be on your side! // Grimner

In 2018 the band celebrate their 10th anniversary and release the new full-length album ”Vanadrottning” (Despotz Records) on February 9th. This album gives a new touch to their discography: a heavier, more powerful and rhythmic sound, together with a fantastic voice brought by their new member Martin. One can expect a dynamic, fresh and thrilling album where the band is pushing the boundaries and takes the music to a new level. With ”Vanadrottning” and their 10th anniversary celebrations, the Grimner vikings continues their journey towards new adventures!

Sweden’s Vikings of Grimner give a unique mixture of folk and metal, incorporating catchy melodies, folk instruments and heavy riffs into their own, yet aggressive metal. With their dynamic and captivating music, with lyrics sung in Swedish, and looking like they have recently arrived from a fantasy world, they have taken enthusiasts of both metal and folk music by storm. Grimner’s lyrics revolve around Norse mythology, folklore, historical adventures of Vikings and life in the same era. With some songs dark and brooding; others fast, jovial and folkish, Grimner’s music is as awesome as entertaining.

Live Shows 2018
Feb 09 Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg (SE)
Feb 10 Palatset, Linköping (SE)
Mar 15 Hammerfest (GB)
Mar 16 Fulford Arms, York (GB)
Mar 17 The Angel Microbrewery, Nottingham (GB)
Mar 18 Nambucca, London (GB)
Apr 05 Blackland, Berlin (DE)
Apr 06 Ragnarök Festival (DE)
Apr 07  Durbuy Rock Festival (BE)
Apr 08  Little Devil, Tilburg (NL)
May 21 Wave Gotik Treffen (DE)
Aug 18  Barther Metal Open Air (DE)
Sep 07 Club From Hell, Erfurt (DE)
Sep 08 MAZE, Berlin (DE)
Sep 11 Vagon Klub, Prague (CZ)
Sep 12 Klub u Bazyla, Poznan (PL)
Sep 13 Magnetofon, Lodz (PL)
Sep 14 VooDoo Club, Warsaw (PL)
Sep 15 Rudeboy Club, Bielsko-Biała (PL)
Sep 16 Rock Klub Tartaros, Banská Bystrica (SL)
Sep 16 Barrák Music Club, Ostrava (CZ)
Sep 19 M13 Klub, Brno (CZ)
Sep 20  Dürer Kert, Budapest (HU)
Sep 21 Escape, Vienna (AT)
Sep 22 Manoir Pub, Saint-Maurice (CH)
Sep 23 Le Klub, Paris (FR)
More dates to come!