New names confirmed for The Rock Fest!

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The Big Stone Rock Fest is getting more interesting with every line-up update we receive! They managed to gather a wide diversity of great artists of the metal, hard rock and other alternative music world with big names like Rammstein, Evanescence, Guano Apes and more… Today they released 3 more names leading up to the weekend of June 9th and 10th:

Swedish pop metal/metalcore sensation Dead By April will most definitely deliver a highly energetic set with their electronica infused emotional & melodic metalcore. Since they released their latest album Worlds Collide not too long ago, we probably can expect a bunch of new songs in their show (for our review of the album go here)! Besides earlier announced Finnish glam metal/hard rock legend Michael Monroe, we now also got the young wolves of Santa Cruz confirmed to light up a party! And last but not least the renowned Finnish hardstyle/industrial DJ Proteus will be dropping his infectious beats with EBM/industrial (metal) outfit Erilaz to get us moving… The last names will be released next week, so keep an eye out for another update!

And to get you into the groove and all excited about the festival, Infected Mushroom has dropped us a message not too long ago, promising us a more heavy guitar oriented DJ setlist to fit in with the great rock artists and warm the crowd up for Rammstein!

If you want to get tickets for what is promising to be one hell of an epic and memorable event, don’t hesitate too long ’cause not too long ago they announced that they have sold 85% of the tickets!
Go here to get them now!

For more information and updates go to The Rock Fest official site or follow them on Facebook (for the page here, for the event here)