Steelfest impresses further with more names for 2018

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This year was our first time visiting Steelfest Open Air in Hyvinkää, Finland and we liked what we saw (for our report go here). The festival brings every year an impressive selection of the best of underground metal, ranging from black metal to doom metal to death metal and everything in between. Going for quality rather than quantity, you can be rest assured that (usually) there is not a single bad artist to be found. Almost 3 weeks ago they released the first 7 names of the 2018 line-up, which got a lot of fans of the obscure genres already very excited. Yesterday they threw another 10 artists in our direction and if you’re not already running for your tickets, we don’t know what will:

Again most of the bands are black metal (inspired), but this time we got bands from all over Europe. With from mainland Europe representing Germany: Desaster and France: Baise Ma Hache. From Scotland we can welcome the ever impressive atmospheric folk/black metal outfit Saor. And from Scandinavia you’ll find DHG (Dødheimsgard) from Norway, Necrophobic and Skogen from Sweden and from home country Finland there’s death metal through Demilich and black metal through Moonsorrow, Nattfog and Alghazanth (whose live set will be the last public appearance after 22 years of “Finnish majestic black metal”). And finally, the all female multi-national black metal outfit Asagraum is making its attendance too! A lot of stuff to be looking forward to… More names should be following still some time soon. Be sure to get your tickets on time!

If you can’t wait till May of 2018, you can always attend their indoor “Winter edition” Steelchaos that takes place on 10 and 11 November of this year at Nosturi in Helsinki. It definitely should satisfy your need for dark and extreme with again an impressive line-up, filled with exclusives and much appreciated artists in the underground scene:

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