Summoner’s Circle weave Lovecraftian horror with music video “Chaos Vector”

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Summoner’s Circle’s third full-length album “Chaos Vector” is being released this year and they have left no detail out. Accompanying the album is a Lovecraft-style cosmic horror short story written by the band where each chapter correlates to a song. This story marks a new chapter in The Lore of The Six and sets a foundation for them conceptually moving forward. The first single off this release is the title track.

The single was intentionally written as a shorter song because they needed an extra short song for their set on the 2019 Hexed Tour with Children of Bodom. It was well-received on tour and they felt the chaotic nature and strong hook made it an obvious choice as the first single for the album. They continue to explain: 

“Given the worldly turmoil of 2020, Chaos Vector seemed apropos to choose as the title track of the album. The drums for this song were originally written by Yanic Bercier of Gone in April and Quo Vadis and were performed on this album by our current drummer, Invictus, who still performs the original Bercier beats. Yanic also appears in the music video as the drummer for this song. Chaos Vector tells the story of a man who has been driven mad through his practices in the occult. And while he tries tirelessly to warn others of the impending doom he wrought upon this world; he is only perceived as a madman sounding off.”

This album was conceived over two years ago, but the global turmoil slowed down its creation. Now that it is ready for release, the band couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. They are eager to share with fans their love of storytelling and cosmic horror in a concept album that vocalist Blind has been percolating since their formation in 2015. They say that they have scratched every creative itch with this record, and hope fans get the same satisfaction from it. 

Dark and haunting, Summoner’s Circle is recommended for fans of Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth and Immortal.

The music video for the album title track and first single “Chaos Vector” can be viewed via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE“Chaos Vector” was recorded by Yanic Bercier at Wavetransform Studios in Knoxville, USA and will be released by Blood Blast Distribution, powered by Nuclear Blast on August 27th, 2021.

Album pre-order / save at the following links:
Single “Chaos Vector”:

Track Listing:
1. The Message (1:02)
2. Of Black Horizons (4:00)
3. Vessel (7:34)
4. The Hierophants (5:17)
5. Apostasy (7:45)
6. Chaos Vector (4:05)
7. Terminus Egress (9:12)
8. Chrysalis (1:35)
9. The Beyond (7:43)
Album Length: 48:17

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