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A group of renown and talented musicians gathered and made dark, brooding music coming from deep within… En Minor was born.

Album Reviews

Gather round all you folk of the woods as Sean Kratz will take you once more across the wilds of his Appalachian homeland on Osi and The Jupiter’s newest record ‘Stave’. Out now via Eisenwald.

En Minor sees Phil Anselmo hang up his electric guitar for a funeral procession along the New Orleans delta.

Go out an explore vast mountain ranges and forests on Osi and the Jupiter’s latest EP of Americana tinged, spiritual folk: ‘Appalachia’.

The Luciferian bard King Dude is back with his seventh serving of dark music.

My first acquaintance with Emma Ruth Rundle came from her beguiling performance at Roadburn two years ago. Amidst all the stoner and doom heavyweights stood a fragile looking girl alone with just her guitar in hand.

Wayfarer’s latest piece, ‘World’s Blood’ invokes images of the old Frontier tales from the Rocky Mountains through razor sharp USBM and dark Americana. Check out their third album and debut for Profound Lore and find yourself become a trapper exploring the wilds of the West.

The Dark Red Seed is an experimental folly of King Dude’s guitar player Tosten Larson. While you will find some references to the dark Americana of his main band, the music presented herein is something quite different from what you might have hoped or expected: from Hindu esoteric to The Doors.

Gig Reports

We crossed the Great Plains of the Old West in search of enlightenment, but instead ended up in orbit around Jupiter with a bunch of freaky Fins. No Peyote, just musical highs at Het Bos.