News Posts

Heavy rockers Lucifer released a spooky video for the new single ‘At The Mortuary (Halloween Edit)’, a track from their upcoming ‘Lucifer V’ album set for release early next year!

Finnish doom rock outfit The Abbey released a live video for ‘Starless’ to celebrate the launch of the vinyls for their debut album ‘World of Sin’, out via Season of Mist!

Emerging progressive doom band The Abbey unveiled their 2nd single ‘Widow’s Will’ and opened the pre-sales for the upcoming debut album ‘Word of Sin’, set for release in February via Season of Mist!

Helsinki based heavy doom & occult stoner rockers Ciminero signed to Argonauta Records for the release of their 2nd album which is in the works as we speak!

Heavy rock outfit Lucifer changed from their trusted home Century Media to Nuclear Blast Records for the release of their 5th album ‘V’ that is in the works right now!

Occult rock outfit Jess and The Ancient Ones reveal another single from their upcoming new album with ‘Love Zombi’!

Jess and the Ancient Ones are back! Check out the first single of their upcoming new full-length album ‘Vertigo’!

The Swedish occult doomsters of Lucifer are releasing their new album soon and are serving up a first grooving single with ‘Midnight Phantom’!

Get your fuzz on! Smoke Mountain is releasing a new album next year via Argonauta Records!

Ancient VVisdom will be bringing occult and darkness to your doorstep later this year!

Photo Reports


Ghost is on tour in Europe spreading their ‘Impera’ gospel, and so we went to see them in Lille, France, and Ghost does not disappoint! Support came from Spiritbox and Lucifer!

Dynamo Metalfest 2018 brought yet again a great diversity of music to the stage for a very sharp price! Check out our pics!

Festival Reports

The first day of Desert HEL was filled with groovy and fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll vibes with some of the best the country has to offer in stoner and desert rock and metal!

The 2018 edition of Dynamo Metalfest was again bull’s eye, the music, the bands, the people, the organisation, the weather. Read all about it !!!



Desert Hel 2022, the first ever attempt to make Helsinki a desert city with the best of stoner/doom/desert rock and metal!

Album Reviews

Ghost’s fifth opus “Impera” is quite extravagant and incredibly catchy the songs are stately infectious redefined by the vibrant 80’s rock vibes that catch the mood instantly.

Jamie Meyers and her loyal followers of Sabbath Assembly will preach their unholy gospel on their hallowed number seven album ‘A Letter in Red’. Come to the Sabbath.