News Posts

October is cranking up the heat on the amount of releases!


As the festival summer is quickly approaching, May sees many great releases yet again. Our team of writers put together a nice selection of those they are looking forward to the most this month with Deathstars, Cattle Decapitation, Veil Of Maya, The Dark Side Of The Moon, Ghost, Thulcandra, Frozen Soul, Sleep Token, Henget, Vomitory, Immortal, Kalmah and Legion Of The Damned!

Photo Reports

The biggest Metal Circus on the planet came through Munich and did some damage. The Swedish Avatar are tricky, and brought with them Veil of Maya and Kassogtha for a banger of a show at the Neue Theaterfabrik!


Avatar’s ‘Dance Devil Dance’ 2023 tour brought the circus back to Tilburg’s 013 Poppodium, supported by Veil of Maya and Kassogtha.


Get enthusiastic with us and blast some Game of Thrones-inspired metal from your speakers in anticipation of the new season!