Aborted presented their third single ‘Maniacult’

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Legendary Death Metal crew ABORTED release the third single of their forthcoming 11th studio album “ManiaCult”. For that the band also invited Joe Badolato, vocalist of Deathcore combo FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, to make the albums title track even more brutal.

Check out the single and the music video of “ManiaCult” HERE

The band comments:

“Like lambs to the slaughter, Wayland takes you to your next trip after you spent the night in hell. Ghouls and Ghoulettes, we are very proud to present to you the title track of our new album Maniacult, errr… ‘MANIACULT’!!! This song features a very special guest, our good friend and one and only Joebad from Fit for an Autopsy making sure you shake dat ass during its heavier parts. We hope you enjoy becoming part of the ManiaCult, as we have quite a few surprises left to come! We have such sights to show you…”

For more exclusive ABORTED content don´t forget to check out the bands recently launched fan group ManiaCult HERE

ManiaCult” will be available as CD Jewelcase, Ltd. CD Box (incl. Jewelcase + bonus track, Pop-up card, Metal-Pin & shaped patch), Deluxe Gatefold LP+CD & Poster in various colors and of course on all digital platforms. The pre-sale has officially started – so be fast and grab your copy HERE

1. Verderf 2:58
2. ManiaCult 3:38
3. Impetus Odi 3:46
4. Portal to Vacuity 4:41
5. Dementophobia 3:01
6. A Vulgar Quagmire 3:18
7. Verbolgen 1:39
8. Ceremonial Ineptitude 3:54
9. Drag me to Hell 5:04
10. Grotesque 3:53
11. I Prediletti: The Folly of the Gods 5:04

Join the ManiaCult and you can never leave – at least not with your life intact.

Aborted have crafted the perfect soundtrack to this sick sect, which demands human sacrifices to summon Lovecraftian demons. The sinister sound aptly snarls and snakes like the heads that worm their way out from the cult leader’s back.

It’s the same type of authority Aborted have had over the death metal masses for the 26 years since vocalist Sven de Caluwé formed the band in Belgium. As the lone original member, he’s directed the band like a demented conductor: each musician that filters through the ranks a tendril he waves around like a baton.

Aborted are shapeshifters, evolving from blazing deathgrind to groovier fare before settling into a technical approach on death metal. On 11th album ManiaCult, they split the difference between the over-the-top shred of TerrorVision and the dripping dark atmosphere achieved on follow-up La Grande Mascarade. That EP was their first as the current four-piece line-up, rounded out by drummer Ken Bedene, guitarist Ian Jekelis and bassist Stefano Franceschini.

Aborted Online:

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