Category: Industrial

Preview Tuska Open Air 2017

This year's Tuska will be one to remember since they're gearing up to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a bang! Go see what is happening...

Preview The Rock Fest 2017

The Big Stone Rock Fest is just a newbie of the Finnish events, but managed to get some really big names on their bill and looks very professionally organized!

Nighon – The Somme

A lesson in warfare history and renewing heavy metal!

Releases to look forward to… May 2017

May is going to be busy!


Simple but great industrial rock/metal!

Tuska announces a bunch of new names!

The bill gets more awesome the closer we get!

GRIMM’s Videoland (February 27th – March 5th)

Weekly list of the music video releases you might have missed out on!

Releases to look forward to… March 2017

Ready to empty that wallet?

Fjoergyn – Lvcifer es

Avant-garde Black Metal band Fjoergyn combines metal, classical music and Industrial.

Snøgg – Qivitoq

Snøgg gives you highly experimental yet atmospheric black metal straight from the Slovenian mountains.