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Burton C. Bell is back with his debut solo single ‘Anti-Droid’, a return to his moody, synth-heavy, sci-fi metal self!

Gates to Hell signed to Nuclear Blast to spread their blend of modern death metal with the hardcore spirit throughout the world, and celebrate with the new single ‘Resurrected’!

Supergroup Imonolith debuts their first single, get your groove on!

Find out who is appearing as a guest on Devildriver’s upcoming outlaw country cover album!

Photo Reports

Close to the end of the year 2023 there was an event that has left headbangers around the world in ecstatic anticipation—the Fear Factory ‘DisrupTour 2023’. This monumental tour brings together a powerhouse line-up featuring the ferocious Butcher Babies, Ignea and Ghosts of Atlantis. As these bands join forces, they promise to deliver an unforgettable experience for metal enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse range of styles within the genre.

A hot and sweaty night in the Halle room of the Backstage club in Munich. Fear Factory are back in a big way, and they were joined by Butcher Babies, Ignea and Ghosts of Atlantis, bringing quite the package with the “Disruptour” all over Europe!


Album Reviews

It seems the age of rap metal is trying to come back… first a new release by Body Count and now this! Powerflo brings back a combination of the best of that period…