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Primal Creation – News Feed

The second album of Belgium's modern thrashers Primal Creation, sees them venturing into a slightly different sound than just straight up thrashing!

Belgian metalband Primal Creation launched a lyric video for the first single of their upcoming album ‘News Feed’

Belgian modern thrash metal outfit Primal Creation revealed a brand new single of their upcoming album 'News Feed'!

Headbanger Tour 3: Primal Creation, Desdemonia, Ianwill, Blow Up

The Headbanger Tour 3 is about to hit Asgaard! Primal Creation, Desdemonia, Ianwill and Blow-Up live on stage!

Wacken Warm-up Party 2019

Our official warm-up party for Wacken 2019! Expect free goodies and a live performance by the winner of Belgian Wacken Metal Battle 2019: Primal Creation!

Pick Your Poison: Devils Rock for an Angel’s Devils Beer (For Angels)

A nice Belgian beer for an awesome cause, that's what the 'Devils Beer' is all about!

Wacken Metal Battle 2019

W:O:A Metal Battle 2019 Semi-Final (Ghent, Belgium)

This year, one of the official Wacken Open Air "W:O:A Metal Battle" semi-finals of Belgium will take place in Jeugdhuis Asgaard, powered by GRIMM Gent!

Grimm For Life (De Warmste Week)

Ontdek hoeveel geld onze eerste Grimm For Life heeft opgeleverd voor het goede doel.

Turbowarrior of Steel + Primal Creation, X-MAS Tour at Asgaard

Turbowarrior of Steel X-Mas Tour ft. Primal Creation at Asgaard

Onze kerst-traditie wordt verder gezet met een X-Mas Tour van Turbowarrior of Steel, deze keer met als supportband Primal Creation!

Primal Creation – Demockracy

Belgian Primal Creation came to show what thrash metal is supposed to be about!

Jackdevil + Primal Creation at Kinky Star

GRIMM: Jackdevil + Primal Creation

GRIMM Gent presents: Jackdevil & Primal Creation 20u30: Primal Creation – Modern MelodicThrash Metal 21u30: Jackdevil (Brazil) – Thrash Metal 22u30:...