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Spanish extreme metallists of Altarage announced a brand new album and unveil the first single of the upcoming release!

Spanish mysterious death metal outfit Altarage is streaming their album in full before the official release!

Photo Reports

Last summer, before everyone was at Alcatraz, one of Belgium’s best metal and rock festivals, we hosted a “Medieval Metal Night” at our venue Asgaard with the Belgian pride of folk and local heroes Prima Nocta and special guests Trobar de Morte!

Album Reviews

Crusade of Bards create this mix of power metal, symphonic metal, folk touches, and even gothic and pagan touches. It’s all there, and it all blends in beautifully together.

Aversio Humanitatis deliver a fine album, a foreboding musical manifestation that depicts the horror vistas of the apocalypse.

Pick Your Poison

We got really “thrilled” by the Laugar and Austmann collab brew inspired by the king of pop Michael Jackson!