Winter Spiritual Successor Göden to release new record in May

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Göden, spiritual successor to the revered underground death/doom unit Winter, just announced they’ll be releasing their new album ‘Beyond Darkness‘ on May 8th via Svart Records, along with luxury, ultimate reissues of Winters debut album ‘Into Darkness‘ and their self-titled demo.

Göden‘s Stephen Flam had the following to say:

Twilight‘ can be interpreted as an evocation of the fading light of reason progressing to a darker stage–the gloom of ignorance– after which can only follow a return to enlightenment… perhaps now inadvertently symbolic of the situation the world currently faces–and will inevitably overcome…

Flam leaves us in the outer blackness and inner gloom with these last words as ethereal guidance:

I hope you enjoy this endeavor – Listen with a free and open mind… Journey now ‘Beyond Darkness‘ …

Göden is the long-awaited continuation of what Winter would have been from co-founder Stephen Flam’s vision. The new album ‘Beyond Darkness‘ is said to throw you into an existential voyage out of the past and into the future. A familiar yet distinctive new opus that expands the unmapped shadow world that Winter once opened in our nightmares.

A soundtrack that takes the listener on a dark and ominous journey, ‘Beyond Darkness‘ is a conceptual deep dive into wildly unexplored and unknown sonic territory. The story has three characters, each with different symbols: Stephen Flam as “Spacewinds”, the time and space in which these characters dwell; Vas Kallas as “NXYTA (Goddess of Night)”, lead vocalist and the darkness: Tony Pinnisi as “The Prophet of Göden”, who speaks in the name of Göden and is the light, plays keyboards and also played in Winter. ‘Beyond Darkness‘ is a tale of the dark and the light, set to a score of heavy music.

The artwork was conceived by Eva Petric, a Slovene multimedia artist based in Vienna, Austria and New York. Eva worked with Stephen Flam, creating a visual story book within the LP/CD booklet that the listener can look at while they are consumed by this heavy sound trip.

Track list:
1. Glowing Red Sun
2. Manifestation I: Tolling Death Bells
3. Twilight
4. Manifestation II: A New Order
5. Cosmic Blood
6. Manifestation III: The Spawn of Malevolence
7. Komm Susser Tod
8. Genesis Rise
9. Manifestation IV: The Progeny of Goden
10. Dark Nebula
11. Manifestation V: The Epoch of Goden
12. I Am Immortal
13. Manifestation VI: The Beginning And The End
14. Ego Eimie Gy
15. Manifestation VII: Gaia Rejuvenated
16. Night
17. Manifestation VIII: A New Age
18. Thundering Silence
19. Winter

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