News Posts

Blood Chalice is re-issuing their demo in cooperation with Blood Harvest Records and Helter Skelter Productions!

The punk rockers are back to drag you down “Back to Hell”!

Vahrzaw set a release date for their final album through Blood Harvest Records, check it out here!

Album Reviews

Cincinnati, Ohio based melodic black metal outfit Valdrin is back with a bombastic symphonic offering inspired by fictional magical realms and magic. “Throne Of The Lunar Soul” is out now via Blood Harvest.

Belgian death metal outfit Bones unleashes pure and uncut hell upon the world under the form of 2 monstrous tracks!

‘Effigy of Nightmares’ is a big improvement from the sophomore. Valdrin has succeeded in taking their craft to a professional level.

Phobophilic latest EP offers something that holds true to the underground style of death metal.

Old school skate punkers Satanic Surfers are “back from hell” and it’s awesome!