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Atmospheric/depressive black metal project Winds Of Tragedy to release haunting new album ‘Hating Life’ via Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions in February!


Steelfest manages to impress with their line-up and organization every single year, and this year is no different, even after some recent setbacks! We’re amazed with the line-up that celebrates everything that is underground and extreme yet again, and that’s only a part of the reasons why you should still try to make it to the fest this weekend!

Album Reviews

Lichtblick’s sophomore “Abkehr” conveys a very eerie style of depressive black metal that will enclose the listener with suicidal thoughts.

“Trisagion” offers a grand spectacle of how modern atmospheric black metal and funeral doom can be effectively engaging and powerful when merged.

This Hollow Land has a cold and bleak atmosphere and the productions fits the music perfectly.