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Legendary Finnish occult band Archgoat unleashes a first punishing track from the upcoming ‘Worship The Eternal Darkness’ with ‘Heavens Ablaze’!

Get ready for the antichrist blasting from Finland’s Front, to be released in June via Iron Bonehead Productions!

Revenge unleash a new track in their usual chaotic black/grind fashion.

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Archgoat perfectly embodies the ancient aesthetic of war metal in their latest four-track EP “All Christianity Ends” which plunges you into the morbid realm of the Luciferian darkness, and was released via Debemur Morti Productions!

Black Curse manages to give each element a deserving focus. War metal, raw metal or primordial death metal: all these musical traits can be applied to what Black Curse has presented on their debut album.

Ruin Lust’s newest album “Choir of Babel” is essential for fans of war metal.

Teitanblood is an advanced model of modern war metal style, and the Spanish quartet are very captivating in creating a chaotic atmosphere overall.

Abysmal Lord delivers a bestial and primitive creation of brutal and raw war metal!