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Metal for Autism

Metal for Autism

An in-dept talk about a wonderful project!

Releases to look forward to… March 2017

Ready to empty that wallet?

Exclusive Comaniac song premiere!

Thrash out on this exclusive song premiere!

Killswitch Engage

A lengthy talk about the past, present and future with Jesse and his take on politics, beer and hardcore...

GRIMM’s Albums of the Year 2016

A bit of everything, but all high quality stuff!

Bullet For My Valentine

A talk about the new single, the new album and music of course!

Shiraz Lane… 3,5 months later

Talking about their first European tour!

Oathbreaker – Rheia

Oathbreaker created a strong, beautiful blend of black metal and hardcore inluences, blurring lines between genres.

Children Of Bodom

On the last day of Tuska Open Air 2016 we got the chance to have a talk with Jaska Raatikainen, drummer and co-founder of Children Of Bodom. We were nervously waiting in...

Preview Ieperfest 2016

The festivals are greener on the other side.