News Posts

New Belgian sludge metal act La Nausée rose from the swamps of Ghent and released a first single ‘SPLIT’!

Things take an unsurprising dark turn in Black Altar’s latest music video. Check it out!

Gruesome and Exhumed are teaming up for a new split record. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

The hard kicking split EP by Cancer Clan and Desteufels streaming in premiere right here!

Third month of the year, March holds some really promising releases… get ready for this!

Crossover thrashers Iron Reagan and death metallers Gatecreeper unite to bring a crushing split records to blast your eardrums to pieces!

What happens when you bring pirates and vikings together? A party? A disaster? Epicness?

Album Reviews

Rotting Christ and Varathron, two bands who stood at the cradle of the Hellenic black metal scene finally come together on the most old school of formats: a 7 inch split vinyl called ‘Duality of the Unholy Existence’.

As far as splits go, the prospect of a collaboration between the barbarically raw Primitive Man and the apocalyptic drone sludge of Unearthly Trance should get any aficionado of murky, noise ridden doom drooling all over the floor.

Een natte droom wordt werkelijkheid