Category: Rock

Crooked Steps presents Fingers Crossed

A review and preview at the same time of Crooked Steps... soon to seen live in your neighborhood!

Nickelback (Lotto Arena)

Canada invading our ear drums with a great evening of hard rock!

Lordi (De Kreun)

Hard rock all night long! A visual journey...

Skillet – Unleashed

Skillet "Unleashed" their brand new creations to the world!

Shiraz Lane – For Crying Out Loud

A bunch of young guys playing a bunch of old music with a message of peace and love... put in your player and rock out!

Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

Get ready for a heavy dose of riffing and songs that'll get stuck in your head!

Psychonaut – Ferocious Fellowman

Reizen door de geest met het Mechelse Psychonaut!

Tuska Open Air 2016

3 days worth of pictures of a festival in THE country of metal!

Sustain – Sustain

Sustain the excitement.

Daniel Lioneye – Vol. III

Finnish surprises are back with a third release!