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In case you missed it, Norway’s pioneers of avantgarde/progressive black metal Borknagar released the single ‘Nordic Anthem’ last week, another taste of the upcoming album ‘Fall’ set for release next month and an absolutely empowering tune!

Norway’s pioneers of avant-garde/progressive black metal Borknagar announced their upcoming 12th album ‘Fall’ to be released via Century Media Records in February 2024 and shared the single ‘Summits’!

Century Media tries to soften the blow of all the cancelled festivals by organizing a massive online Century Media “Isolation Festival”!

Into The Grave 2020 is putting together a really solid line-up that’ll make it a damn good edition again!

Wacken Winter Nights announced 10 more bands for their next pagan fest in 2020!

We now have a total of 50 bands that are announced. Who are you excited for? And who do you hope Graspop adds to their line up? Let us know! See you there.

2 bands are not showing up for GMM 2016 after all!

Photo Reports

Ultima Ratio Fest has been bringing a proper collection of metal bands around Europe with Moonspell, Insomnium, Borknagar, Wolfheart and Hinayana. Sadly it seemed the crowd was mostly asleep at this stop at Backstage Munich, regardless some great metal music was played this night!


Meet the magic of Wacken Winter Nights: a winter folk/pagan metal festival in Wacken, Germany!

Album Reviews

Borknagar releases one of their most emotional albums to date with a thoroughly changed line-up.

Festival Reports

When you’re a fan of Sabaton or just a huge sucker for heavy, power, symphonic and folk metal, Sabaton Open Air might be the place to be for you!